About The Rialto Theater – Our Story:


The Rialto Theater opened its doors on August 4, 1920. Located on Main Street in historic downtown Denison, Texas, it was just one of many theaters of its day in the downtown area, billing itself as “Denison’s All-Time Greatest Movie Palace”. Built by L.M. Rideouton, it was sold to the Interstate Theaters chain in 1935 which operated the theater through the 1960s. It was then transferred to local ownership until it closed in 1977.

In its earliest days, The Rialto Theater featured vaudeville shows and a full orchestra. Through its rich history the theater has seen appearances by great American entertainers, including The Marx Brothers, Gene Autry, Roy Rogers, John Wayne, and Elvis Presley, not to mention countless feature film classics over the years. Opening again in the early 1980’s, it succumb once more, this time to the multiplex cinema theaters of the day.

Today, The Rialto Theater features classic films, theatrical performances, comedy shows, karaoke, and a wide range of concert events. In addition, The Rialto has a full compliment and wide variety of concessions available, plus beer and wine sales at certain events. The Rialto Theater as a unique event center is available for rent for both corporate and private events, such as conferences, seminars, parties, weddings and fundraisers.

Throughout its long history of renovations and reinventions, one thing remains the same and that is Denison is proud of its legendary theater, and we trust that future generations will continue to enjoy The Rialto Theater as have those of the past 100 years.



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